How to reach us

We are located in Bologna, Italy, Via Dante n. 15.
Our Headquarter may be easily reached from the Central Railway Station or the major motorway junctions.
Public and private car parks may be found in the clinic surroundings.

Approaching Bologna from West, South (respectively from Milan or Florence, A1 motorway), or North (from Padua), please use exit no. 7 (Fiera) of the outer Ringwood, follow directions for the town centre, reach the inner Ringwood (Viali, Porta Mascarella), turn left and proceed to Porta Mazzini, turn left again, turn right at the first traffic light, reach Piazza Trento Trieste, and finally turn right to the first traffic light.
Approaching Bologna from East (Ancona, A14), please use exit no. 12, follow directions for the town centre, drive through Via Emilia Levante and Via Mazzini, turn left at the crossroad with Via Masi, and turn right at the first traffic light, and drive through Via Alberti until reaching Via Dante.

From the Central Railway Station, please use public transport (line no. 32, departing from the Square in front of the Station until “Carducci” bus stop). Taxi service may be found outside the station.

From the town centre please use bus line no. 11 until “Dante” bus stop.

The “Guglielmo Marconi” international airport is connect with scheduled flights to the major European destinations.

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