Tecnobios Procreazione Symposium 2012 - Giornata Pro-Fert - 17 novembre

20 novembre 12 

08.45 Welcome address - A. Borini
Chairmen: E. Porcu, F.M. Ubaldi
09.00 Oocyte vitrification and fertility after the cancer - N. Noyes (video)
09.30 Impact of infertility regimens on breast cancer cells: FSH and LH - J.S. Jeruss (video)
10.00 New strategies for follicles and ovarian strips preservation - R. Talevi
10.30 Coffee break
10.50 FOCUS ON
Chairmen: A. Borini, G. Ragusa
What is wrong with fertility preservation? Why media does not cover this issue? - M.L. Agnese (video)
11.05 General discussion
Chairmen: L. Del Pup, F. Peccatori
11.20 Is there a quantitative threshold of endocrine cancer promotion? The case of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in ER+ breast cancer - D. Gallo
11.50 Adjuvant treatment of endocrine responsive tumours: how much is enough after ovarian stimulation? - G. Codacci-Pisanelli
12.20 The use of GnRH analog to preserve ovarian function - L. Del Mastro
12.50 Italian survey on the use of Letrozole in ovarian stimulation after cancer - P. Anserini (video)
13.20 Closing remarks

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